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Singapore Mediation Lecture Series


Jointly organised with Singapore Mediation Centre & Harry Elias Partnership LLP

31 October 2018

On tiptoes Through the Minefield: Cultural Dimensions of Mediation
Speaker: Ms Joanna Kalowski

10 October 2017

Mediation 3.0: Merging the Old and the New
Speaker: Professor Menkel-Meadow, Chancellor's Professor of Law

12 October 2016

Bringing Dispute Resolution to the Internet: Online Dispute Resolution
Speaker: Colin Rule, CEO of, an online dispute resolution service provider

29 October 2015

Embracing a Mediation Culture: How Your Company Benefits
Speaker: Dr Hans Peter Frick

26 September 2014

The Mediation Imperative: Why Successful Companies Embrace Mediation
Speaker: Mr Brackett B Denniston III

10 October 2013

Mediation: The Way Forward
Speaker: The Right Honourable the Lord Woolf

29 August 2012

The Man in the Middle: Lessons Learnt for International Mediation
Speaker: Mr S R Nathan


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