Welcome to the Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative (SGRI)

A global platform created to serve the international insolvency community by promoting
cooperation and cutting-edge research in insolvency and restructuring law

Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative (SGRI)



The Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative (SGRI) is a global platform created with the purpose of serving the international insolvency community by promoting discussions and interdisciplinary research in the field of insolvency and restructuring law. Likewise, it seeks to serve as a network for the interaction between insolvency practitioners, academics, policymakers and judges and practitioners from all over the world. 

In order to promote these goals, the SGRI will carry out a variety of activities including:

  • Conducting cutting-edge research on insolvency and restructuring law 
  • Promoting cooperation between academics, practitioners, judges and policymakers
  • Providing updates on insolvency cases, reforms, and academic research in insolvency law
  • Organizing academic events with a global, comparative, policy-oriented and industry-relevant focus
  • Working closely with associations of insolvency practitioners and turnaround specialists from all over the world 
  • Teaming up with leading academic institutions from other countries and regions
  • Engaging in international discussions and policy debates involving initiatives and legal reforms in the field of corporate insolvency and restructuring law